A list of major equipment inside of our facility.


Fadal VMC 4020, SN: 9111783
Fadal VMC 4020, SN: 9411435
Fadal VMC 4020, SN: 52011120891
Hurco VM1, SN: VNI – 06015104BEA
Hurco VM10, SN: YMC10-16001120BHB
Viper V-1500 (For Sale October 2022), SN: 1465
Cincinatti Mill, SN: 2J2PIZ-124
Cincinatti Mill, SN: 6-J2V5J-36
Acer Mill, SN: N11090240
Acer Mill, SN: N110902439
K&T Mill, SN: 518356
Jet Manual Mill, SN: 503250
Cincinatti-Bickford Radial Arm Drill Press, SN: 1R3487

Lathes / Turning:

Mori Seiki MT3500S/3500, SN: 09747. Max swing over bed 31.5in, 125in between centers, 8-Axis with live tooling, through spindle coolant.
Froriep VTL (Vertical Turret Lathe), SN: 160413. Swings 80in by 70in height.
HAAS SL-30, SN:  67660
Mazak QTS-200, SN: 228917
Mazak Quick Turn 250, SN: 142248
Mazak Quick Turn 18N, SN: 108073
Mazak Quick Turn 18N, SN: 94431
Mazak Quick Turn 15N, SN: 112147
Mazak Quick Turn 15N, SN: 105636
Toolmex CNC Engine Lathe, SN: TUR 630A MN/118 120508
Toolmex Engine Lathe, SN:  Y116204
Poreba Engine Lathe, SN:  7411/0011293-04
Lablond Engine Lathe, SN: 12E-203X-3116
Hipromac 14×40 Engine Lathe, SN: 5851
Clausing Engine Lathe, SN: 6-0015-15018
Clausing Engine Lathe, SN: TG 0472
Hargdinge Lathe, SN: 754
Clausing-Colchester, SN: 7/0221/15316 DD


Omax MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet, SN: M15306183


Hyster Fork Lift, SN: C7P25024
Toyota Fork Lift, SN: 405FGU25-70549
Caterpillar Fork Lift V80E 8000lb, SN: 428119


W.F. Wells Saw, SN: 761014
W.F. Wells Saw, SN: W-914A CNC A2849/WA0421
Victor Saw DCM-4, SN:V40607


DKAMOTO Surface Grinder, SN: 7966847x
Hammond Carbide Tool Grinder, SN: SCE-6 636
KENT Surface Grinder, SN: 890155-1
Mattison Blanchard Grinder 36″, SN:  24 502